Kelvin - Resume Theme

Kelvin - Resume Theme

william t kelvin

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Quick Start

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Do the following commands:
$ git clone
$ npm install -g gulp && npm install gulp && npm install
$ git checkout --track origin/gh-pages && git checkout master
/****** Modify some content *****/
$ gulp deploy

Go visit


There are two ways to get this awesome resume:

1. Fork this repo (Recommended)

Click me to fork

If you fork this repo, you could simply publish as your project page later without settings.

2. Clone this repo

$ git clone

Install Gulp & Node Dependencies

$ npm install -g gulp
$ npm install gulp
$ npm install

If you have errors during the installation, please try to clean your npm cache via $ npm cache clean.


Writing and Live Preview

$ gulp

  [23:34:27] Using gulpfile ~/resume-kelvin/gulpfile.js
  [23:34:27] Starting 'serve'...
  [23:34:27] Finished 'serve' after 5.25 ms
  [BS] Local: >>> http://localhost:3000
  [BS] External: >>>
  [BS] Serving files from: ./

visit http://localhost:3000

Build (Optional)

Build and optimize all sources and assests for deploy purpose.

$ gulp build

Once you buit the resume successfully, the files will be generated in build folder. You could just upload it to your web hosting or somewhere else.

Deploy (Optional)

The steps below are for who forked this repo directly and cloned into local repo.

At the first time, you have to do the following commands:

$ git checkout --track origin/gh-pages
$ git checkout master

Above command is for fetching the remote branch to local repo and tracking it. Now modify some words or images and then deploy it!

$ gulp deploy

This command will build & deploy to your remote repository branch gh-pages, so if your repo name is resume-kelvin go visit That’s it!

Changes may take up to ten minutes to be visible.

More information about github pages Link


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