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I am currently a master student in Department of Computer Science, Georgetown Universtiy. Before this, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computing Science from School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University.

I'm working as graduate research assistant in Massive Data Institute at Georgetown University on the Webfootprinting project, and my advisor is Prof. Lisa Singh. I participated in Olympiad in Informatics in China several years ago for about six years. I also have great interest in musical.

The nickname I uses on-line is originated from my first name in Chinese "硕", whose left part is with the same pronunciation with the character of "ten", and right part means "page", both in Chinese.


Master of Science in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University
Highlighted courses: Data analytics, Text mining and analysis, Machine learning, Streaming algorithms, Data privacy, etc.

AUGUST 2017 - MAY 2019

Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Computing Science
School of Mathematical Science, Fudan University
Highlighted courses: Real analysis, Numerical analysis, Numerical algebra, Numerical solutions of differential equations, Digital signal processing, etc.

SEPTEMBER 2013 - JUNE 2017


Webfootprinting project
Graduate research assistant
Massive Data Institute, Georgetown University
Advisor: Lisa Singh (Professor, Georgetown University)
The project intends to develop an application that simulates several methods of social media privacy attacks, helping users checking if they are leaking personal information across social medias.
My current work here includes fixing and implementing new parts of the application using Java, and discovering other possible privacy attacks.


Group and Population Based Social Media Privacy Attacks
Master thesis, Georgetown University
Advisor: Lisa Singh (Professor, Georgetown University)
We are proposing possible methods for inferencing attribute values of social media accounts based on populated information from target accounts' groups or communities on social medias. I will analyze efficiencies of proposed methods, and possibly will propose methods to prevent such kind of attacks.
This research is for my master thesis. We also plan to submit the current progress to a conference in the upcoming Spring.


Estimation of Sparse Graph with Lifecycle
Undergraduate thesis, Georgetown University
Advisor: Yun Xiong (Professor, Fudan University), Xiangnan Kong (Associate Professor, WPI)
We proposed a new kind of sparse graph estimation problem, based on domain knowledge of periods of node activities, namely lifecycle, then addressed the estimation problem with altered pathway graphical lasso algorithm.
This research was my undergraduate thesis. It is also a part of a project in the lab of Prof. Xiong's.

SEPTEMBER 2016 - MAY 2017

Working Experience

Teaching Assistant
COSC-282: Big Data Analytics
Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University
Undergraduate level course. Office hours answering questions. Homework and exam gradings.


Data Analyst
Operation Center
METEK Mobile Embedded Technology Co. Ltd.
Analyzing numerical growth model of games before launching, using Microsoft Excel and MATLAB.
Building operation data evaluation system for analysis and feedback on game design: data mining application and webpage designing.


Lecturer in Olympiad in Informatics
Kaifeng High School
Organized a weekly lecture for interested high school students in competitive programming.
There are several lecture notes I managed to recover from my disk and available here (lectures are in Chinese).

MARCH 2014 – AUGUST 2014


Study on Streaming Model for Entropy Approximation
Streaming Algorithms
Compare and contrast different methods of streaming algorithms for entropy approximation based on frequent items. Implement and analyze performance of methods. Write paper-like report on summary, analysis and new findings.

FALL 2018

Study on Local Private Heavy Hitters
Data Privacy
Summarize recent researches on local private heavy hitters. Implement algorithms and analyze performance. Plan on proposing new ideas.

FALL 2018

Web-searching Engine Prototype
Web Search and Sense-Making
Built a web-searching engine with recommendations using PageRank with Spark API on Scala. Implemented with database of Wikipedia pages.


Prediction of Movie Box-office Performance
Intro to Data Analytics , In group of 3
Data analytic project on possible factors that would infect box-office performance of movies. Present the results in report on interactive web pages.
Main work: Proposed possible indicators of box-office performance of movies. Conducted experiments and analyzed the results mainly using Python. Finished the write-up.

FALL 2017

Emoji Prediction with Feature-Based Methods
Text Mining , In group of 3
Studied performance of different feature-based methods on predicting emojis for social media texts.
Main work: Studied on possible methods for the task. Conducted experiments using Python and analyzed results. Finished the write-up.

FALL 2017

Numerical Methods on Integral Equation
Numerical Methods on Integral Equation
Implemented a general interface integrating multiple numerical methods solving integral equations using MATLAB. Made a report presenting the calculation results and analysis of performances of different methods.

FALL 2016

Big Data Research on Scholar Cooperations in Academic Publication
Fundamentals of Computation Theory, In group of 7
Collected data of publications by Fudan University from academic resource websites and built a database with the data. Presented the cooperation changes through time via visualization methods using JavaScript and CSS.

FALL 2016







Apache Spark


Apache Hadoop


I am a great fan of musicals. I directed 2 musicals and starred in one of them when I was undergraduate at the Musical Club of Fudan University, namely Chicago and Chinese version of Man of La Mancha. Check them out here and here (with 8 digits of date as passwords).


shuoliu95 < at > outlook < dot > com


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